The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.
The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.
The Management of Edward F McKernan ___
No one under the age of 14 will be allowed in the pit area, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Any Minors 14yrs or older driving or entering the pits must have state issued photo id and a parental permission note signed by both parents. student id excepted if birth date on id.
All drivers, owners, pit crew members and anyone purchasing a pit pass must have a valid photo id: either driver’s license or state issued photo id card
Photo card may be obtaining at
1. All cars subject to inspection at ant time and must be free from mechanical defects and be in safe racing condition.
2. It is mandatory that all drivers wear a approved helmet and neck brace. *Snell rated 2005/20010 rated helmets are mandatory. Fire suits, belts, window nets, gloves, racing shoes, and harness must be used at all times. Recommended: full face helmet, fire retardant underwear, are restraints.
3. A complete six-point roll cage with a minimum tubing dia. of 1.5 inches and a minimum wall thickness of .095 inch mandatory. A minimum of one 1-inch dia. vertical bar down the center of the windshield area with the entire windshield covered with 1/2-inch square steel screen. All cages must have a minimum of 3 door bars on each side with 4 recommended on driver’s side
4. Shock resistant roll bar padding on all bars that driver's head may come into contact with while strapped into seat.
5. Mandatory 3-inch-wide safety belt and shoulder harness with 2 belts over shoulder and of the quick release type. Also a minimum of one submarine strap. All belts must be securely fasten to the frame or cage with 3/8 inch bolts minimum dia.
6. Driver's seat must be securely fastened to frame or cage in six spots, four on bottom and two on seat back. six 3/8 inch bolts minimum. All seats must be aluminum, NO FIBERGLASS.
7. A full screen of substantial material, no chicken wire or aluminum, must cover entire windshield area.
8. Steel drive shafts ONLY. 2-inch minimum diameter. Must be painted white and have two steel safety hoops. One near the front and the other at the rear.
9. Firewalls, front and rear Mandatory. Minimum of 20-gauge thick steel or 0.80 thick aluminum. Battery must be properly secured.
10. All fuel lines and fittings must be of approved type, braided lines recommended. No cast iron fittings.
11. No glass bowl allowed on fuel pump.
12. A reinforcing member of the same kind and size material as that used in the roll cage, or chassis shall be installed to the rear of the fuel cell, joining the rear most portion of the chassis. fuel cells must be secured by at least two steel straps; each strap must be the minimum of 1 inch wide. Each strap must be bolted with at least 5/16 inch bolts, there must be a one-way safety valve in the vent line. Fuel cells must be mounted behind driver.
13. Mandatory fuel shut off valve within easy reach of driver, shall be labeled on/off with a bright colored paint.
14. All vehicles shall have a ignition switch which is easily accessible within the drivers compartment. the ignition switch should be labeled on/off with bright paint. All cars must have a disconnect switch, accessible to the safety crew.
15. Wheels must have a minimum of 1-inch lug nuts.
16. No mirrors or 2 way radios allowed.
17. All cars should be neatly painted and carry numbers at least 18 inches tall on both doors and 22 inches tall on the roof and 6 inches tall on the front and rear of car.
18. There shall be no solid blue or black paint jobs. All dark color cars shall have contrasting light colors some where else on the car.
19. Inspectors reserve the right to request body sheet metal to be replaced and painted should it get beat out badly.
20. Exhaust headers must be safe for driver and exit past drivers’ seat.
21. All cars must have four wheel Hydraulic brakes, all in good working order. Brake tests may be held throughout the season.
22. Two throttle return springs and a steel toe loop on gas pedal.
23. No drums for fuel on track premises.
24. All crews must carry an operational fire extinguisher.
25. All fuel filters must be steel, not plastic.
26. All weights must be painted white, with car number on weights.
27. The hood and trunk must be removable and have secured hood pins.

 Mandatory Safety Rules for All Divisions